Car scent set

Car scent set

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The set contains hanging car scent and car spray scent.

Scent for the car "SPECIAL"
Smell: Orange blossoms, lemon, honeysuckle
Volume: 12 ml.
Shelf life: up to 90 days.

Candle Family home fragrances are made by mixing fragrant oils and an organic base. In the package you will find a glass bottle with a wooden stopper.

USAGE: Remove the plastic stopper from the glass bottle, screw the wooden stopper into the glass bottle. The smell will be absorbed into the wooden stopper and will spread a pleasant aroma in the environment.

Spray scent "SWEET"
Base notes: Apples
Ingredients: a mixture of essential oils, water, ethanol, perfume.
Volume: 50 ml.

Candle Family spray scent with a mixture of ethanol and essential oils, smells and helps neutralize dirt from touch surfaces.

USE: spray in car, bathroom, indoors.