Nano Silver | Soap with Nano Silver and Argan oil - 200 g

Nano Silver | Soap with Nano Silver and Argan oil - 200 g

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Soap with nanosilver and Argan oil
Soap with nanosilver is a unique cleanser enriched with nanosilver particles, which has the ability to remove microorganisms, inhibit the development of mold and fungi, ensuring disinfection and antibacterial protection. Therefore, bacteria are killed where nanosilver particles are present.

Natural soap without dyes, detergent and other harmful allergens, so it can be used for daily body care and washing.

Use of soap:

difficult-to-remove dirt, cleaning of sanitary and kitchen equipment;
disinfect sports shoes and other, as bacteria and unpleasant odor of sweat are eliminated;
care for the plants, then spray the potted plants with water with dissolved soap.
Soap is necessary to supplement the treatment of various ailments:

foot and nail fungus;
bacterial skin infection;
acne plain, pink, blackheads;
staphylococcal infections;
hair follicle infection;
seborrheic dermatitis;
contact allergic eczema, contact non-allergic eczema;
AD (Atopic Dermatitis);
injuries, burns, injuries, wounds;
seborrhea dandruff;
excessive sweating;
deposits, burns of all degrees, unpleasant odor on the whole body and legs.
Method of use and application:
The product is applied externally to the affected skin.
Can also be used as a disinfectant. Then dissolve a piece of soap in water and spray on the dirty surface.